• Jewelled Silver Comb (Gift for Agatha the Banshee, from Sister Garaele)
  • 3 x Gold teeth.
  • 4 x Potions of healing.
  • A jade statuette of a frog with tiny golden orbs for eyes (non-magical).
  • Scroll of Augury.
  • 2 x platinum signet rings.
  • Gold earring set with ruby.
  • Gold necklace with fine emerald pendant. (Mirna Dendrar, woodworker’s widow).
  • Alchemical supplies: (mercury, dragonbile, powdered nightshade, powdered owlbear beak, wyvern oil) 25gp ea. In fine leather case.
  • Gold sun elf statuette. (Augury, once per character).
  • Scroll of revivify.
  • Crude map of the location of Wave Echo Cave.