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CharacterRace, ClassPP
GiorgiDwarf Paladin10
GromudHalf Orc Barbarian10
VladimirHalf Elf Warlock12
JarpettoGnome Illusionist11

The Story So Far

Travelling from Neverwinter to Phandalin. Escorting a cart of supplies for Gundren Rockseeker.

2 Horses dead on the trail, probably Gundren and Sildar,

Empty map case,

Ambushed by Goblins…tracked to their hideout. One goblin escaped.

One goblin knocked out after telling you that Klarg is the leader in the Hideout.

Into the cave and into a side chamber with 3 wolves.


2 Dead wolves.

One wolf in the thrall of Jarpetto.

Right Now…

Darkness from here on in…..