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CharacterRace, ClassPP
JarpettoGnome Illusionist11
GromudHalf Orc Barbarian – (Played by group)10
VladimirHalf Elf Warlock12
ColeHuman Wizard11

The Story So Far

Nothing can stop you now, you know where the lost Wave Echo Cave is,  but you’re not the only ones interested in it. A  recovering Gundren is settled in the Stonehill Inn. He’s offered you a 10% stake in the ongoing output from the mine if you clear it and see if you can find his brothers. Sildar is pleased to see Gundren, and to hear you have removed the threat from the Cragmaw Tribe. He rewards you as promised. Jarpetto gets recruited into the Order of the Gauntlet by Daran Edermath, the retired Half-Elf Adventurer, now farmer. Re-equipped and rested you head off on the short journey from Phandalin to the Lost Mine, Wave Echo Cave.

You cover the distance quickly and approach the entrance to the mine down a gully formed at the base of one of the foothills of the Sword Mountains. As you’re scouting ahead you are charged from behind by a ferocious OwlBear, a clever distraction illusion by Jarpetto and some serious axe work from Gromud eliminate the threat. As you catch your breath 4 Hobgoblins and 2 wolves attack from the same direction as the Owlbear. They go down easily without doing too much damage, a short rest later and you’re into the mine. You find one of Gundren’s brothers, dead. And a nice pair of boots. Cole slips whilst climbing down into the mines passages, for some unknown reason, not concentrating or clumsy maybe? Very careful scouting ahead follows and a route is planned, you’re now into the mine itself. Entering a large cavern you are set upon by flying needle like creatures that appear unexpectedly from the crevices in the cave roof. It’s touch and go, but with a nice area blast from Vald and subsequent mopping up, there’s a load of dead Stirges on the floor and everyone is still standing.

Outstanding Missions

  • Daran Edermath (Orchard), investigate Old Owl Well undead spotted.
  • Sister Garaele (Tymora Shrine), ask Banshee (Conyberry) location: Bowgentle’s spellbook. 3x potions of healing
  • Harbin Wester (Townmaster),Orcs at Wyvern Tor 100gp
  • Deliver Emerald necklace to Mirna Dendrar (Woodworkers).


You’re in the old entrance hall of the mine. All is quiet, apart from the repeating woosh….Boom coming in the distance.

Right Now…

Hmmmm, Stirges!…………what’s that flapping noise?