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CharacterRace, ClassPP
JarpettoGnome Illusionist11
GromudHalf Orc Barbarian – (Played by group)10
VladimirHalf Elf Warlock12
ColeHuman Wizard11

The story So Far

The Wave Echo Cave is proving to be your most extreme challenge to date. In your desire to recover after the Stirge attack you decide a retreat is wise, however on returning to the entrance of the cave you come face to face with a returning band of Bugbears, that you make short work of, indeed Grom slices and dices one Bugbear from healthy to deathly in one attack. You spend the night hidden in a rocky out-crop far enough away from the entrance to the cave, but your rest is interrupted by another surge of Stirges that have smelt blood. Waking, rested, you head back to the caves and delve a little deeper. You disturb a room full of skeletons and send them back to their bony origins with some very effective attacks. A couple are pretty much ground to powder as they are finished off. After, you cunningly exterminate a room of Ghouls and are lastly ambushed by an Ochre Jelly that Grom slices in two neatly making 2 Ochre Jellies. Twice the fun with all the hit points.

Outstanding Missions

  • Daran Edermath (Orchard), investigate Old Owl Well undead spotted.
  • Sister Garaele (Tymora Shrine), ask Banshee (Conyberry) location: Bowgentle’s spellbook. 3x potions of healing
  • Harbin Wester (Townmaster),Orcs at Wyvern Tor 100gp
  • Deliver Emerald necklace to Mirna Dendrar (Woodworkers).


Bruised and battered you stand in the carefully hewn labyrinthine passageways of the old mine, bits of jelly spattered on all visible walls and ceiling.

Right Now…

In the distance you hear the familiar woosh….Boom, or is it a flapping!!! Vald flinches slightly, and his eyes dart along the passage’s ceilings into the darkness. “Shadows!” he hisses and then seems to relax. Well, as much as he ever does.