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CharacterRace, ClassPP
JarpettoGnome Illusionist11
GromudHalf Orc Barbarian10
VladimirHalf Elf Warlock – (Played by group)12
ColeHuman Wizard11

The story so far

You’ve rested up in Phandalin, courtesy of the town, and then head out for Neverwinter for a provisions. A fairly uneventful journey, except to sneak round a sleeping Ogre sees you sell your loot in one of the barter houses in the reviving city. You are pointed to the less respectable part of town to get a value on the Spider Staff and after finding and entering the black marketeers place of business you learn that the staff is being watched for and your contact will have nothing to do with it. Indeed he will inform your enemies that you have it. He warns you firmly against staying in Neverwinter any further. On exiting his premises you spot a humanoid shadow as it disappears over the roof tops. Re equipped you head for Thundertree and reacquaint yourselves with Reidoth the druid who offers you food and lodging. Taking a trip round the ruined town you head straight for the dragon cultists abode, and deal with them swiftly and mercilessly. Doors once again prove tricky.

Outstanding Missions

  • Daran Edermath (Orchard), investigate Old Owl Well undead spotted.
  • Sister Garaele (Tymora Shrine), ask Banshee (Conyberry) location: Bowgentle’s spellbook. 2x potions of healing
  • Harbin Wester (Townmaster), Orcs at Wyvern Tor 100gp


You are back in Reidoth’s house to wait for daylight, and then your considered assault on the dragon’s lair.