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CharacterRace, ClassPP
JarpettoGnome Illusionist11
GromudHalf Orc Barbarian10
VladimirHalf Elf Warlock – (Played by group)12
ColeHuman Wizard11

The story So Far

And so we reach the end of the beginning with everyone still standing. But let’s take a trip back to just before Dragon murder.

The night in Reidoth’s house was spent planning, maps were drawn in the dirt, spells were prepared and a little druid hooch was quaffed. In the morning our intrepid adventurers set their plan in motion. Everyone was buffed, and those that could disappeared. Taking a cunning route through to the tower the first encounter was in fact with 4 twigs that swished and twitched and were destroyed. As the party dealt with the blights, Jarpetto got more and more twitchy himself and almost initiated the plan pre-emptively. Then it was time for a one of his special illusions; out comes a dragon cultist. No reaction. Voluptuous Elf maiden; nothing. Searching cautiously round the tower, listening, sneaking and watching, Gromud booms out “he’s not here”. Everyone flinches. Cole has entered the house next to the tower and come across an immovable door, “Grom, get in here”. The door doesn’t stand a chance, they peer in and discover that indeed the dragon is out. So it morphs but the plan is stuck to, as Cole gets a vantage point in the tower.

The sound of winged flight, something big’s coming. Everyone takes cover except Jarpetto, who’s still invisible. A fly by, and then incoming sheep, Cole gets hit by falling livestock. The Dragon lands out of site of the party, they’ve all been spotted. Venomfang starts trying to persuade the party that he wants to parley, various insults are thrown back, the party are in no mode to talk, that’s not part of the plan. The dragon puts his head over the opening in the roof and breathes, Grom and Cole take damage but it could have been much much worse. Jarpetto fires off a web which ensnares the foe, and Vald’s imp, Shadow, lights it up. Venomfang writhes and wriggles but will find himself trapped by the web and subsequent net until his death. Vald dashes out of the back door and blasts the back of the dragon, then dashes back out of sight. Grom gets all Matrix’ed up thanks to a spider climb spell, runs up the inside of the tower to get up in it’s face. Our heroes set about 3 rounds of serious damage, each has their job and each does exactly as planned. Grom makes a leap onto the head of the dragon, and cleaves it’s head from it’s body with one almighty swing.

Finally the killing comes to an end, but rather than leave the innocent creature in peace the party turn the tower into an abattoir getting souvenirs from the dragon.

Taking their leave of Reidoth, who thanks them for killing the dragon and reassures them that he’ll take care of the remaining nasties, the Fellowship of the Forge, barely scratched, return to their default home the Stonehill Inn in Phandalin.

You take a few days being made a fuss of by the town which is in celebratory mood, there’s a steady stream of newcomers into the town, some are dwarven miners, the boom is starting. Harbin Wester the Townmaster has been ousted and Sildar has taken over the running of the town. He offers you the site of the ruined Tresendar Manor should you wish to rebuild and take that as your home. He’s also got plans in hand to raise a posse and deal with the Orcs at Wyvern Tor and investigate the rumours of undead at Old Owl Well.

Soon after your return, Nundro comes to thank you for rescuing him from the Black Spider, and after a discussion you hand over the Silver comb and the task of going to ask Agatha the Banshee, Sister Garaele’s question. Thereby letting Cole and the party off their promise.

Now sat in the common room of the Inn, ale in hand, Nundro returns and sits down with you, putting 2 potions of healing on the table as he does……..