Session 1
After helping Valdimir defeat the spirit of Gul’Khan, the Fellowship of the Forge received some distressing information about the Death Curse. The cause is said to be a necromantic artefact called the Soulmonger which is located somewhere in Chult.

Gelden M’kan set up a meeting with Syndra Silvane, a retired adventurer who is slowly dying of the wasting disease. She offered some aid to the Fellowship in exchange for their promise to end the Death Curse and save the world.

From the chilly hills outside Neverwinter to the sweltering heat of Port Nyanzaru, a journey that should have taken weeks was done in the blink of an eye thanks to Syndra’s Teleport spell. Arriving in the bustling port city the adventurers were struck with the strange beauty of this place. There was almost a disaster when a huge, long-necked reptile was spooked by the parties arrival, but the magical power of Zindar the half-dragon Harbormaster saved the day (and the dropped cargo).

Exhausted from their efforts the party decided to retire to Kaya’s House of Repose, an oddity in Port Nyanzaru. Where the other buildings are either crumbling ancient stone bedecked with flowering vines or newly built stone colourfully painted with giant reptiles and mythical heroes, Kaya’s is an exact replica of a Waterdhavian townhouse. Inside it was cool and sweetly scented and Kaya herself greeted her guests, who were shown directly to private rooms with large 4-poster beds.

After 8 hours sleep the Fellowship were ravenously hungry and decided to take in the sights of the Thundering Lizard, a raucous drinking hole, eatery and hostel. They met Nimble Drop, the proprietor and were served a feast the like of which they had never before seen all washed down with a sweet local nectar called tej.

Zindar arrived as promised to hear the party’s tales of adventure and to offer a bounty on the pirate ships plaguing the seas around Chult. Nundro was approached by an Albino Dwarf called Musharib who wishes to reclaim his ancestors stronghold of Hrakhamar. Cole was struck by the beauty and aloofness of a Half-elf called Xandala, as well as her pet Pseudodragon. She seeks her lost father, Artus CImber, who disappeared into the jungles with a reptilian man over 1 month ago. Watching all of this with unmasked interest was a dark haired and dark skinned women who introduced herself as Salida. She proclaimed that all the other guides were frauds and that she was the best, boasting her last 3 voyages – taking the Company of the Yellow Banner to visit the wise guardian of Orolunga, escorting holy warriors to Camp Vengeance and taking treasure hunters to Mezro had all been successful. Zindar left saying he wished to awake early, for tomorrow is The Prince’s Chase his favourite Dinosaur Race.

After a night of fine food, fine drink and intriguing conversation the Fellowship of the Forge braved the tropical storm lashing Port Nyanzaru to return to Kaya’s House of Repose. In the saloon bar the adventurers met something of a celebrity, Volothamp Geddarm the writer and explorer. He is selling books and planning his next expedition, to the Snout of Omgar.

Next up – the Fellowship of the Forge go Dinosaur Racing, shopping and plan their first trek into the Undead infested jungles of Chult.