Important. Back in March 2018 Johnnie posted the very first Meetup of this group. Six randoms from the internet turned up and so the group was born. As you may know either myself or Nessy deal with talking to the pub for rooms, Barry makes initial contact with new members when they apply to join Meetup, and Johnnie is the money man. We now have 191 Meetup members and 89 Discord members. Back when we had sub 50 Meetup members the Meetup fees weren’t as onerous as they are now, and so far Johnnie has covered them. By the way, buy the man a drink when you meet him, without him this wouldn’t be here. As you can see from the the numbers we convert roughly half the Meetup members into members that actually attend a Meetup and therefore are invited to join Discord. Meetup is still our main gateway into the group, although I’d guess that personal networking is a close second especially as friends are more likely to be “active”. We’re still getting several new member applications each week.

So from September we are going to cover the costs of Meetup as a group or we are going to drop it. It’s not huge, at £13.55 a month, but for one person to cover it’s plainly not fair. Now I understand that having a Meetup group is counter intuitive for us as we’re already members and gain little benefit from it. Except, that without the group continuing to grow I can only see our numbers steadily if slowly declining.

I’d like those who would be willing to chip in £1 a month, yes seriously that little, to post [On Discord]. Let’s have 20 (great to have more) people commit please.

We’re doing this rather than having a discussion, as the money will decide if we carry on with Meetup or not. Over a year we’ll build up a deliberate £50 reserve but If we have a surplus after that we will pause asking for money until our reserve is once again £50. Years will run September to September. This will not be chased, it will be up to you to keep up with the subs. It shouldn’t be too much of a hardship and I don’t think someone should be responsible for chasing. We’re all adults. Johnnie has wonderfully agreed to be our Treasurer. And we’ll use Paypal Pools to collect the money. Once we have a commitment from enough people we’ll sort out payment details. And we’ll regularly remind everyone that we’re collecting Meetup Subs so we can hopefully grow our pool of contributors.

Micheal – Group Co-Organiser – Re-posted From SWL RPG Group Discord