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Dungeons & Dragon 5th Edition

WotC Official D&D Website – Official website and publisher of Dungeons & Dragons. Their own website contains enough information for you to get started in D&D.

WotC D&D Official Character Sheets – Within the official website is an area containing official character sheets and example characters, portraits etc.

D&D Beyond – Official digital toolset for Dungeons & Dragons fifth edition by Twitch and Wizards of the Coast. Includes a character builder, digital compendium of all current and future D&D manuals, spell / items / monster databases and search. Regular blogs and news updates.

D&D Forgotten Realms Wiki – Unofficial wiki for all lore content within Dungeons & Dragons. This wiki deals less in the out-of-character stuff (such as how to play D&D) and more in the in-character lore and story within the world setting of D&D. Exceptionally useful in bring and roleplaying your character to life.

D&D Wiki – Unofficial wiki for all  Dungeons & Dragons homebrew custom content. Whilst most of the content cannot be used in official games – they can help serve as inspiration for your characters and/or adventure.

D&D 5e Character Sheet (SWL RPG) – A custom free to download Dungeons & Dragons fifth edition character sheet that is both modifiable and printable. It’s a little more user friendly then the official character sheets.