About Us

RPG D&D With Dark Miniatures

The “London RPG: South West London RPG Group” is a free tabletop roleplay games club based in South West London that generally meet only on a weekday evening / night. Specifically we cater for gamers who cannot regularly travel to games in Central London and who cannot regularly devote whole weekends to gaming.

We welcome both new and old players and game masters to play a variety of games. We ourselves have a wide range of gamers with different experience levels; some fresh and new to RPGs and others are old veterans from the first editions. As a result, there’s a good variety of different styles of games, campaigns and stories within the club. Some campaigns are serious whilst others are more relaxed: but in both cases you will find plenty of fun to match your style.

Generally meetups start on a Wednesday evening; though individual campaigns may take place on other nights during the week.

The club was founded on Tuesday the 27th February 2018 on meetup.com by a couple of friends who struggled with finding games on a weekday instead of at weekends, and the difficult journey to the larger central London clubs. Thus,  the”London RPG: South West London RPG Group” was born. Its first meeting took place on Tuesday the 6th March 2018 and was attended by six members at the Duke’s Head Pub. From then on, the group has grown quickly whilst the Duke’s Head Pub became our official home.

In February 2020 we left the meetup.com website due to raising cost and now function though the website and our Discord.